Providing a variety of electrical, data, telecom, utility site preparation and site lighting services







Just-In-Time Services

Major Contractors understand the importance of timing and scheduling in the construction industry. We have established a culture of preliminary scheduling manpower so that when the customer (the electrical contractor) needs the service provided we are ready. And we deliver when promised. No question!


The construction industry exists on low margins. Understanding that fact, we have focused our services with a high efficiency factor in mind. We believe that high efficiency results in lower costs, which results in a more competitive company and helps our customer to be more competitive.

Value Pricing

Often times the original construction plan/concept is not the final or the most cost efficient, however, that observation can not always be made during the preliminary planning cycle. We pride ourselves on being value pricing thinkers. We evaluate every job before providing the bid price and actual service to determine if we can offer a better way to accomplish the task.

Protect Existing Infrastructure

When providing a service in an area that has infrastructure (utility lines, cables, pipes, etc.) we assure that the infrastructure in not disturbed. While it may be quicker to use heavy equipment to perform a job, damage to infrastructure will outweigh the benefit every time. We pride ourselves in evaluating the situation and if a risk of damage exists, we will use the safer way (i.e. soft digging) to accomplish the job.

Total Start-To-Finish Quality

Warranty deficiencies/defects are terrible! After a job is completed no-one wants to deal with a defect, no matter how minor. Assuring that the site is left in the proper state and that no underlining deficiency exists is part of our culture.